The Pros and Cons of Using the Internet
Man has indeed traveled and changed so much since he existed on Earth —from the extremities of nomadic lifestyle, the upheaval of war times, the challenges of renewal and social reconstruction, and finally, to the intertwined benefits of the comfort and agitation that the 21st century has brought. The latest phase to which the human race is exposed nowadays is characterized by speed-giving machineries, programs, and gadgets that are equipped with capabilities to lighten the multiple burdens of this modern world. To write a college essay on this topic might be troublesome for many, but it is actually an easy task once one opts to avail the help that custom essays offer. An exploration of the abovementioned topic can be done by mentioning the positive and negative benefits that the Internet usage has brought with it. Paper writers may explain the idea by saying that Internet availability has bridged the communication gaps among different sub-groups and has redefined the meaning of efficiency and speed. The negative effects, on the other hand, is highlighted by the notion that Internet indirectly supports the anti-social tendencies of people as supported by the fact that people tend to settle for online gatherings instead of having any physical connection with other people. Further exploration of the topic may tackle the pros and cons of Internet usage and may therefore result to a well-written essay online.